4,357 Ways of Personal Development…..


I am serious, absolutely 100% sure of this count and if I had waited another day this would have gone to at least 4599. Everyday I see posts by bloggers providing the top 3 things that successful people do before going to bed, 10 top things super entrepreneurs do after going to bed, The 15 traits of overachievers, 17 habits of highly successful people, 20 things to avoid in a negotiation, 13 things to do before venturing in a business, 8 things to do before retirement, 14 must do habit of highly successful people, 9 habits that would keep you a loser that you already are and the list goes on and on.

I simply stopped reading these pieces a while ago. I tried my hand at all the great self help tips but when these started to get either repeated by different bloggers or  contradicting eachother only then did I realize that there’s something wrong in this whole scheme of things. Moreover, one of the posts encouraged new bloggers to use these obscure numbers to catch the attention of readers. Now seriously, have you ever noticed the profile of most of these writers? The poor authors are just struggling in their own careers and advising half the professional world regarding achieving greatness.

I can now summarize the 4357 posts that just don’t seem to seize, I go through 6-7 blogs a day and each one of these has been inundated with the recipes of these do’s and dont’s. So here we are, the absolute key to success even before the blogs came into existence and the internet was invented and the seven habits of highly successful people was published are:

  1. Be Creative  / Innovative.
  2. Believe in yourself and your ideas.
  3. Be persistent
  4. Have Discipline
  5. Be Positive and hang around positive people.
  6. Respect yourself and others around you.

Now take any of the blogs and measure the points mentioned there against these ideals and you will see that from eating bananas in the afternoon to power naps to leadership to team management. Everything falls within the same category; the only thing that can and should be done is to adorn these with real time stories. Stories are a beautiful way of teaching and relating with individuals. And the more important is to relate your own stories and not that of some famous gentleman or a lady driving a Ferrari and living on the 150th Floor in a Designer penthouse who is supposed to be very successful. Your own stories and the real time experiences are the true motivation.

Success is a relative term, just a few years ago NOKIA was the #1 Brand in the world and its CEO was supposedly the most successful person at that time. What happened then? Aren’t we supposed to follow the breakfast routines of that gentleman anymore? How about his exercising calendar and the  10 favorite books to read this summer? Somehow he screwed up somewhere and no one bothers what he does anymore. Successful companies and individuals are a dynamic phenomenon and alas today success is related to wealth. Shall we then say that humanitarians are losers? Nelson Mandela did not work towards shareholder value or wealth accumulation, his excellence was forgiveness and a generous heart. Was he successful, he sure was and would always stay as a shining star in History.

So lets fix our priorities and stop fixating ourselves with the tidal waves!

Have Fun and Keep Writing.

The author can be contacted on masomo@eim.ae


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