Want to Buy (WTB) and Want to Sell (WTS) is the Trading Lingo of the Mobile Trade. This is how the traders communicate to quickly turn the stock around. As 2017 comes to an end we anticipate some trends and possible forecasts:
– Apple and Samsung would get stronger in the trading market although the margins would be compromised.
– The numbers of traders would also decrease so the arena would be available to a few big players at the top.
– Lack of available credit from banks as well as free credit from large-scale traders is driving many players off this business.
– An ideal time for new entrants to make a move directly to the end consumers.
– Promotional activities involving KDR, Operators and Channel Partners would be an ideal combination.
– Mobile Gaming with tournaments sponsored by new entrants in the mobile arena would attract the younger users.
– ZTE already introduced a foldable phone (https://tinyurl.com/y8m66d3d). Look for new form factors next year as customers are looking to break the loop of monotony.
– As products get complicated in terms of design and engineering, quality is getting compromised so its a must to have a strong service facility available for the products being traded.
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