Nokia launched my once upon a time favourite 8810 (Banana Matrix Phone), a beauty in a compact design released in 1999. Last year with the rebirth of 3310, public went crazy but would a design relaunch every year going to work and would this make a statement for the company? Does Nokia want to be known for its feature phones or the Smart Devices? The name SIROCCO (Nokia 8) is of no significance for the new consumer so I think its better that Nokia pays more attention to its Smart Devices rather than getting it clouded by news of the Retro’s.
Soon after the announcemtn of 3310 last year, several companies launched the lookalike version of the product at less than the third of the price with the same feature sets. The same is in store for the 8810, I wonder if Motorola would jump on the bandwagon to launch the RAZR feature phone again as well.
Design themes are becoming obsolete and as I have repeatedly mentioned in my updates, that the game moves over to the solutions and the overall value. ASUS and LEAGOO launched a copy cat version of the iPhone X with a front Basel Notch. What is going on here? Running out of ideas altogether .
Remember Audi revolutionised the Auto Industry a few years ago by playing with the Headlights! C’mon Mobile Designers you can think of something else.