With the processing power on the rise every year and the increasing reach of the Smart Devices, a known and dangerous aspect of “SECURITY BREACH” becomes more relevant by the day. It is imperative that the Mobile Manufacturers pay heed to this scourge while trying to overcome the aspects of storage and memory.

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s update as well, it’s important to have a clear USP for new Android Brands and here’s a great story from the UAE:

In the UAE, an indigenous developed brand called DASS MOBILE (www.dassmobiles.com) was launched in 2015 in Abu Dhabi. The product introduced was without a camera, GPS and Voice Recorder. The target market had been highly sensitive installation, security guards, private family staff and VIP’s. The first product was a success locally and was sold within the projected time lines.

The sales channels utilized had been B2B, B2C and Online with a focus on Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There’s now a growing demand from Europe, Africa and LAM for the new product named H2WO, with the same feature set and an added level of encryption.

Adil Hazam, the CEO of DASS MOBILE SECURITY PHONES is an Industry veteran and plans to take the brand on a global landscape. With his indepth knowledge of the regional and international markets he sees the requirements of these tech rich products increasing ten folds in the coming years.