A friend worked for a large trading house and they were bribing a supplier regularly to receive preferable prices and timely deliveries. Things got so bad that my friend’s boss asked him to go around and look for more people who can be easily corrupted. He almost had a breakdown as he felt small and used but his boss was adamant.
So why do people steal? What’s the mindset of a corrupt individual? Whatever that is, it is driven by fear although he is totally to be blamed for this personality trait. It is also a vermin and a disease that runs silently like cancer in many organizations.
One should understand that a corrupt individual:
– Is marked (Known as a dirty person so the reputation is mud)
– Future prospects for work gets limited (In a competitive economy the person is easily identifiable). Although, it has been seen in some instances that these individuals are rehired by the same companies for their dirty work.
– Brands get destroyed both at an individual as well as corporate level (Certain companies get marked for shady practices in selected regions).
– Quality of Professional work gets destroyed as its always what’s in it for me as compared to what’s there for my customers.