The company was great and at the latest cutting edge of technology but the workplace culture had been poisonous. Four different people saying the same thing about their ex employer prompted me to publish this update. I asked them what exactly is a “Company”. How can a company be great but the culture is disastrous? People make companies after all and not the other way around. Well, it was basically the salary that made us stay all this long but in the end we just couldn’t take it anymore.
A corrosive culture trickles down from the top and seeps all the way down. We spend more time at work than what we spend with our families and if this place is a walk down a cemetery then we are basically on a wrong footing. These individuals were smart and energetic but accepted relentless bullying, unending demands and ridiculous pressure from their bosses.
So why do we stay in these environments? Because we tend to convince ourselves that this is the best that I could get and there’s nothing out there that can compensate if I move along. I once worked in a similar organization and within the first few days had realized that this is not going to work out. Took me a year to exit and find something suitable but the intention from my side was very clear from the beginning. We had an accident on the site and I had a dead person lying in front of me and the boss was asking me about sales number! This is how bad it was.
Do you have any personal stories to share about a bad work culture.?