The answer to this question is a YES and a NO. A bit of a digression but even the big guys in FMCG, Unilever and P&G are employing a startup mindset to hit the upcoming brands (https://tinyurl.com/y9tj62dp). So, its not a disadvantage to be a new entrant if you are willing to take on the big guys with something unique. In mobile, this tends to be a bit challenging.

Coming back to the topic, I have had a few discussions recently with individuals asking for my advise on launching “Android Mobile Brand” in the Middle East that was apparently doing well in their home country.

To define ground rules, MEA is a 40% Feature Phone and 60% Smart Phone Market and the Feature Phone is on a growth tangent. That leaves you with a 60% part of the whole pie that is viciously protected with Tier A (@Samsung, @Huawei) and B (@Sony, @LG Electronics, @HTC, @Motorla) Brands with seriously deep pockets of varying degrees. Then you have the new Chinese heroes, @Oppo and @Xiomi that are virtually taking over the market with patience and a strong distribution focus.

There are then the likes of CAT Phones and Rug Gear with the strong outdoor focus and a defined USP.

If you are missing the tools in the list below then I would personally not recommend getting into a game where there are almost 1500 Brands with 30,000 Devices.