A Premium and respected name in Trade, Euro Telecom, and its subsidiaries have a track record of professionalism and integrity. Mr. Salar Najim, CEO, and Chairman of the Group takes pride in the legacy of his organization. Formed in 1993, the company has seen the crests and troughs of the Mobile Trading in the region. Now, as a distributor of Premium Brands such as Samsung & Huawei and Apple stores, the company is well positioned to maintain its leadership position.

With a head office at Dubai Freezone, the company operates distribution in Iraq and Oman with a structured sales and service setup.

On trading, Mr. Najim advises being vigilant as the margins have been thinning and no one should outstretch themselves. Credit should be watched critically and one should calculate their moves. It is not worth for newcomers to enter the trading business and traders should also focus on the new verticals in the market such as iOT, Apps, gadgets etc.

Apple and Samsung are the reigning brands with Huawei a closing number 3, it would stay around the 20% mark. The Chinese should be watched as they are making all the right moves.  He suggests that Xiomi is a hype at this stage but Oppo is making great in roads.

For brands like Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, he believes that unless they are ready to dole out serious marketing and channel development programs it would remain difficult for them to survive in the market.