Android Manufacturers be wary, the forward march of USED devices are on a bulldozer roll with more devices landing. The price range is reaching close to 100$ to the highs of 600$ with an anticipation of iPhone X coming already in the USED arena.
Products coming from the US and Japan are making a mark with the weakening US$ and the Euro products are becoming expensive. But as the supply is increasing so are the opportunities for market growth in the Middle East.
The refurbished stock had spoiled the Middle East market last year with products raining in from the Far East and US supplies had literally stalled. Now, the good quality stock is making it to the Middle East with high grades. Apple still plays the leading role followed by Samsung, but there are regular challenges in USED Android devices in terms of software and starting operator logo animations on startup.
Graded iPhone 5s stocks are just a theory as its impossible to receive high-quality goods with the product being so old. Most of these products are being refurbished so watch out. Even for 6 & 6s it’s important to keep an eye on the changed cover stock.
I strongly urge Android players to consider USED Phones while devising their strategy.