FUTURE READY: WHAT EXACTLY IS PERSONAL BRANDING? Recently there has been an upsurge of people posting their videos exercising, eating, playing with their kids and showing off their recently acquired certificates and trophies on LinkedIn. I am not really sure if this is the forum to get this done. There was one that captioned “Me with My Crazy Kids”, I had a serious urge of sharing a contact number of a Psychiatrist but decided against.

My opinion, personal branding is about “Content” and that too “Original” and not something that has been plagiarized. In the Middle East and South Asian Region, we have a serious lack of original thought that can only be improved with an “Inventors” mindset.

It is not being an innovator but someone with the knack of bringing forth an original paradigm So if we would like to build a strong personal brand then follow the steps mentioned in the chart (simplilearn.com). We are trying the Branding Exercise the other way around by Networking and trying to create some media profiles 

If you are good at a subject then bring it forth to the public, share it through blogs and then take the next steps. Posting your funny pictures, even the ones with flashy cars and other accessories won’t take you too far.