We are in heaven.


What would we pay to sleep in peace, a soul-soothing peace without the wrenching stress of the impending future events? This laborer is sleeping on a bed of stone with only a thin layer of cardboard to protect him from the needle-sharp edges.  There are insects and stray cats around but he is in some valley, far from here with his family and friends. Their laughter and cheerfulness are intoxicating for anything to disturb him at all. I know that he would wake up refreshed and rejuvenated with memories of his far-off home with a loving wife and kids waiting anxiously for his return. How many days, months, weeks or years are there to see them. Every breath reminds him of them as he grows weak and fragile but the spirit stays strong.

If we can read this post and have a home to go back to with a family, even if there is nagging then we are in heaven. We are in heaven, we are in heaven.